Rebuilding After Repairs

Most companies that do mold remediation, water damage restoration or fire damage restoration don’t do repairs. You’ll find that after they remove the drywall with the toxic black mold it’s your job to find someone to rebuild the wall. Also, maybe you had some type of leak and they need to drill holes in the walls for dehumidifying.  Now your problem is to find someone that can patch the holes and repaint the walls. When you contact our professional team we take care of everything. Naturally, we will clean up whatever mess you have from any disaster and then we rebuild.

One Stop Shopping

When you have some type of disaster in your home or office, you already have enough on your mind. Just call us and let us deal with the problem from start to finish. If you have water damage, call us day or night and we will come out right away. Of course, mitigating the damage is step number one. Next, cleaning up the mess and getting everything dry is important. Lastly, if any baseboards, walls or ceilings are damaged, we will make all the necessary repairs. As a result, you get one stop shopping with us. Just call us and we’ll take care of everything!

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Mold Remediation

When we talk about mold remediation we are referring to the process of removing mold. As you may know, mold is removed by removing sections of your walls, ceilings or floor that have mold. Naturally, toxic black mold removal is not something you can do yourself. Since the mold is toxic you’ll want our trained technicians to handle this for you. Obviously, if we have to remove sections of your walls or ceilings, we’ll replace them. There are plenty of mold remediation companies that just remove the mold. Unfortunately, this leaves you with the problem of getting the repairs done after the mold is gone. When you call us, we take care of everything for you.

Emergency Service 24/7

When a disaster happens in your home or office it can happen at any time. For that reason, our restoration company offers emergency service. If you need to call us at night, on a weekend or a holiday we are ready to help! Obviously, if you have an emergency, such as flooding,  we will come over right away. Plus, we’ll get everything dried out, we’ll clean up the mess and we’ll bill your insurance company directly. As a result, you won’t pay us, your insurance company will.

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