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We can help with water damage restoration, mold removal and fire or smoke damage. Plus, we don’t just dry up water damage, remove mold or smoke odors, we also rebuild as necessary. Additionally, we bill your insurance company directly so they pay us not you. 

Residential Mold Removal

If you need mold remediation we can help. We have removed mold from condos and homes all over South Florida. Obviously, we have very high humidity here in South Florida. Consequently, it only takes 48 hours for toxic black mold to begin to grow. Sometimes mold is discovered after returning from a vacation while the air conditioner was turned off. However, mold can grow as a result of a small water leak. Naturally, if the leak is under the sink or behind the dishwasher, you may not know it’s there. For instance, you may notice an odor in the kitchen or by the air handler of your air conditioner. Call us and we’ll work fast to safely get the mold out of your home or condo. Next, we will repair any damage caused by the mold or water. Lastly, we will spray a mold inhibitor to prevent the mold from returning. 

If you see any sign of mold call 305.308.3906

Residential Water Damage

Water damage in your home or condo can come from many sources. However, no matter what the source, it needs to be stopped as quickly as possible. For instance, if you have a roof leak it may be days or weeks before the roofer can get there. In the meantime, we can come out today and put up a tarp to mitigate the water damage. Interestingly, one of the most common sources of water damage is the air handler of your air conditioner. Naturally, your air handler doesn’t have any fresh water supply. Consequently, people don’t expect to find water in the air handler. The water comes from condensation and there is a drain line to carry it safely away. However, the problem is that algae starts to grow in the air handler and in the drain line. As a result, the walls, ceiling or floors can get wet. Left unnoticed, this quickly turns into toxic black mold. If you notice water anywhere in your home or condo where it shouldn’t be, treat this as an emergency. Call us immediately and we will be there, day or night. Best of all, we bill your insurance company directly so they pay, not you!

Residential Smoke or Fire Damage

If you had a fire in your kitchen we can help. Not only can we clean up the mess we can also rebuild and make repairs. Plus, we know how to get smelly fire smoke odors out of your home. Additionally, we work with all insurance companies so they pay us, you don’t!

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