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Types of Water Damage

  • Creaking Or Cupping Floors – This is a sign that excess moisture is already affecting your floors
  • Sound Of Dripping Water – This may be a leaking pipe or fixture
  • Damp Smells – A sure sign of built-up water in your home
  • Visible Mold Or Mildew – A sign of damp or wet conditions
  • Discolored Surfaces – Potential water stains from standing water
  • Unusually High Water Bill – This could indicate an unseen leaking, burst, or broken pipe
  • Peeling Paint – This might indicate a water leak

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Health Concern Regarding Mold

Mold damage is a silent danger that must be treated as early as possible. After water damage has occurred, mold can grow within 24 hours if not treated. Not only does black mold then become a threat to your health, but it also causes further structural damage.

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What to do in a disaster

In any type of disaster such as flooding, hurricane damage or fire, the first step is stop it from getting worse. If you need help with this we can come to your property any day, night, weekend or holiday to mitigate the damage. Call us 24/7 for any emergency.
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Why tarp your home?

If you have water damage coming from a roof leak, the first step is to put a tarp over the leaking part of the roof. It’s pointless to try to fix any water damage when water is still coming into your home.

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